Pharmapro Scandinavia AB


About Pharmapro Scandinavia Ltd

We see it as our first and foremost responsibility to contribute to and improve peoples continued health.


Pharmapro Scandinavia Ltd’s business model is to develop, sell and distribute products under our own brands within the health market with the whole world as our marketplace. Dietary supplements and natural remedies are products which active ingredients are derived from natures rich flora and which gives healthy and preventive effects. Products that can increase peoples vitality and help them to live a happier, healthier and longer life. We should manage with care everything that nature so generously has given to us.


Our brands are a guarantee for effective and safe products that are produced in Sweden with great care for humans and nature. Pharmapro Scandinavia Ltd has over 80 years of experience concerning health and well-being with our roots deep within homeopathy and traditional medicine. We guarantee that all our products has good effects, is thoroughly tested and are backed by clinical studies.


Today we work with a network of specialists with backgrounds from traditional medicine as well as other forms of treatment such as doctors, homeopaths, manufacturers and agents all over the world. We only use ingredients of the utmost high quality and purity. All of our ingredients goes through strict inspections before they are allowed to be used in our products. We always guarantee complete sustainability, safety, reliability and traceability from factory to end consumer.